Joan’s Bakery & Deli

Joan’s Bakery & Deli features a selection of desserts on the menu, including cheesecake, apple cake and carrot cake. In addition to sweets, Joan’s is the new home for the popular Jewish deli pop-up, Meshugannah, which will carry staples including pastrami, corned beef sandwiches and more.


The History of Joan’s Bakery & Deli
Joan’s is named for owner Jon Dressler’s mother, who operated her own bakery, White Thumb, in New Jersey until 1980. She baked recipes derived from her mother and grandmother and was (and still is) most well known for her cheesecake. She returned to baking when Dressler’s opened their first restaurant in Charlotte. Joan made cheesecake for a weekend dessert feature, but it quickly became a staple on that menu and at every Rare Roots restaurant. For more than a decade, she baked all of the cakes herself but recently passed down her recipes to the Rare Roots team to continue her tradition.


1100 Metropolitan Avenue
Charlotte, NC
Suite 190

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Saturday:
11am - 3pm